Cisco Introduces New Artificial Intelligence Services

Cisco Introduces New Artificial Intelligence Services

Modern IT systems are generating more data than ever before. And, truth be told, humans can’t keep up. Thankfully, certain tasks have already been offloaded to machines. Even better, Cisco may have a long-term solution to IT management complexities with its new Artificial Intelligence services.

AI and machine learning are extremely useful in helping employees sift through massive amounts of information. Networking behemoth Cisco recently announced that they will be incorporating these technologies with two of their services.

Business Critical Services

This suite of services uses AI-powered automation, compliance, security, and machine learning analytics tools to reduce the complexity of IT systems management. It helps monitor the health of your business services. It also mitigates risks via automated compliance and remediation audits.

It'll be easy to replicate your network to improve reliability between your hardware and software components. The service will also help in deploying features with automation capabilities.

Cisco High-Value Services

This product support model provides network, software, and solution support using advanced analytics. It also uses best practices to access infrastructure performance and remediate issues. Cisco aims to improve business continuity and reduce resource constraints with remote monitoring, automated incident detection, and high SLAs.

Businesses can expect software analysis, workflow integration, customer benchmarking, and predictive network analysis from this service.

Using cutting-edge technologies as well as networking and hardware expertise, Cisco is gearing up its attempt to predict IT failures before they happen. That said, we assume it’s only a matter of time before other major developers follow suit, and when they do, you’ll be the first to know.

If you’d like to learn more about how to predict IT failures before they happen, or stay protected and operational when they do, just give us a call.

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