The end of my Wifi woes.

YYou might be or know one of the millions of Americans stricken with low WifiSignal-itus. It is the horrible feeling you get while waiting for your Wifi signal to go back to full strengh, because thats the only time it ever works correctly.

For years, I've struggled with getting a great Wifi signal throughout my home.

Summer Technology Cleanup and Recycling

Now through July 20th, we will be collecting old computer equipment for our semi-annual recycling drive.

It is amazing how quickly unused tech can pile up, so we offer this service to our clients, friends, and family twice per year at no cost.

We have partnered with a local recycler who will receive this equipment – then shred it and recycle the raw materials.

Remote Access Technologies 101

In the age of the mobile workforce, having secure, well-managed access to business data and processes is critical for success. Remote access technologies give small business employees the freedom and flexibility to work outside the confines of the office, without limited access to their desktop, company servers, tech support or collaboration tools.