New Windows Update for PC Vulnerabilities

Two newly discovered Windows vulnerabilities, known as Meltdown and Spectre, make it possible for hackers to steal all sorts of confidential information. To resolve this issue, Microsoft has released an update. Continue reading to stay protected. Issues with Microsoft’s Spectre and Meltdown patches After the January 3rd announcement of unprecedented security vulnerabilities, Microsoft has been […]

How to Move Files from Android to PC or Mac

If you’re that somebody today wondering how to transfer your files from your Android phone to your computer, here is how you do it: What you need: Your Android phone A computer with a USB port A USB cable What you need to do: If you have a Windows computer… Start by plugging your phone […]

Artificial Intelligence on VoIP

Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings to mind robots that can perform tasks and think like human beings. While that’s certainly possible in the future, AI today is simply an intuitive set of technology that automates business processes. It’s been around for decades, and now it’s poised to make significant improvements to VoIP technology.

Spectre Can Attack Your Favorite Browser

The Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox browsers may not be as safe from Spectre. Security researchers recently discovered that computer chips manufactured in the past two decades contain major security vulnerabilities. Spectre can be used by hackers to gain access to sensitive data.

IT Hardware Checklist for SMBs

As a business owner, you don’t want to start the new year faced with last year’s hardware problems. You can’t leave every issue behind. But, you can start implementing policies to avoid some of the most common hardware issues you’ve previously encountered.

4 New Office 365 Tools You Need To Know

Yet again, Microsoft has released new AI-based features for Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, and more! This is a continuing trend since the launch of the Microsoft AI and Research Group in 2016. If your business is subscribed to Office 365, this article will acquaint you with the newest features! Automatically Uncover Trends in Excel Data […]

Unwanted Pre-Installed Apps on Windows 10 Needs to Go

Have you recently purchased new laptops or computers? Don’t get too excited. A new report proves that pre-installed software such as free trials and web browser toolbars can pose high-security risks. So if you want to maximize your new investment, here are some things you might want to know: Tavis Ormandy, a researcher from Google’s […]

Saving Password Logins to Your Browser Can Be Risky

There are a number of reasons you should be wary of saving your password to a digital platform. Just look at Yahoo’s data breach in 2013, which leaked passwords for three billion people. Even when your password isn’t compromised, saving it to a browser could have serious implications for your privacy.

Five Social Media Trends of 2018

To say that social media is a small part of our lives is an understatement. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are now integrated into our lives like never before. But what’s next? Can social media’s involvement go any further? These upcoming trends certainly point toward it.