Tips for evaluating suspicious emails

Tips for evaluating suspicious emails from Eric Clemens on Vimeo.  This video explains how you can better evaluate suspicious messages and avoid opening emails which may harm your computer. Instructions are for Outlook 2007, but should apply to other email programs such as Outlook 2003, Outlook 2010, and Thunderbird.

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Domain Name Sale

When we purchased Pervasive Support Systems last year - it included a WildWestDomains reseller account. WildWestDomains is a premier reseller of hosting and domain name services.

For a limited time - I have set the pricing for .com domain name renewals and transfers at OUR COST - Just $7.99 per .com domain name.

What can you do about the Conficker Virus?

First, if you have Plan A from Acroment - you are already protected from this virus and have nothing to worry about.

Second, if you are a computer user who updates their computer on a regular basis with the latest updates from Microsoft, have a current anti-virus subscription, and have scanned your computer recently; you also have nothing to worry about.