Why You Need a Strong iPhone Passcode

Now is the right time to shift to a stronger passcode for iPhone users, with police departments, federal agencies, and possible criminals, lining up to buy technology that can bypass your phone’s security. Experts say technology for unlocking iPhones is very much in circulation, so here’s everything you need to know.

How to Optimize Your Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot usually provides faster Internet connection compared with public Wi-Fi. It’s also a lot safer. But if this kind of mobile networking is not utilized well, it will accumulate expensive data charges. The following tips will maximize the efficiency of mobile hotspots while lowering their data usage.

4 Things You Need to Do Before Deploying Skype for Business

From instant messaging to video conferencing, Skype for Business offers many communication features many companies need to be productive. But before you start making calls on Skype, there are four things you should do to ensure crystal-clear quality. Conduct a preliminary network assessment Conducting a comprehensive preliminary network assessment lets you determine if your current […]

How to Back Up Your Files with Apple Time Machine

There’s a popular belief that Macs are the most reliable computer brand because they are less likely to get viruses or crash often – but they do. And like any other computer, Macs aren’t invulnerable to coffee spills, theft, and crashes. When these happen, the Apple Time Machine is your friend to restore your data.

4 Tips on How to Speed Up Mobile Charging

Whether you use an iPhone or a Xiaomi, your mobile will sooner or later run out of battery. When this happens, you want it to be charged to 100% quickly. But not everyone knows how to do it. Read on to learn four ways about how you can charge your mobile faster.

Did Facebook Secretly Collect Android Data?

It was recently exposed that Facebook has been collecting Android phone users’ call history and SMS data. And they’ve supposedly done it for years. This is an alarming news to many users.But Facebook has assured us that the Android data collected are acquired with consent.

3 Ways to Ensure your Facebook Data is Private

Reports surfaced that data analytics firms can retrieve millions of Facebook users’ private information without their knowledge. Obviously, that doesn’t sit well with the public. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Here are three ways to guarantee your Facebook data remains private.

Windows Server 2019 Announced

The first preview of Windows Server 2019 was released in March. Microsoft’s latest server software indicates the virtualization trend shows no signs of slowing down. The preview includes a number of features focused on IT efficiency. Let’s take a look at the most valuable updates for small businesses.