Microsoft Announces New Features for Teams

Microsoft has recently announced new features for Microsoft Teams. These features are expected to bring users greater convenience. They should also improve communication, and ultimately increase its appeal to a wider market. Cortana Integration One new feature that Microsoft will bring to Teams is Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant.

3 New Accessibility Features on Windows 10

Microsoft is improving the accessibility features of Windows 10. The enhancements will be introduced later in the year. Some of these are already available to preview through the Insider Program, but everyone else will have to wait. Here’s what’s coming: Better Ease of Access settings Some users rarely tinker with their computer’s accessibility settings because […]

4 Reasons Why VoIP Call Recording is Important for Your Business

Call recording is not a new feature in VoIP. However, it’s one that is underutilized especially in businesses with less focus on customer communication. When used correctly, it can boost customer satisfaction and strengthen business reputation. Improve customer service No matter the significance of the call, businesses must record calls to ensure high-quality customer service.

Android Phones Worth Using for Business

From Samsung to Huawei to HTC, there are plenty of Android smartphones available to consumers and businesses. But the choices get even more confusing as smartphone manufacturers release new models every year. That’s why Google compiled a list of devices to help you choose.

Five Social Media Marketing Tips

Nearly everyone uses social media. And whether you run a small- or medium-sized business (SMB) or a multinational conglomerate, social media platforms are great for their broad audiences, low costs, and high returns. But without careful planning, marketing in these communities can do more harm than good.