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Microsoft Outlook Tips and Tricks Webinar

Email. Calendars. Automation. Add-Ins.

Maximize the Power and Potential of Microsoft Outlook

It’s a program that millions of us rely on every day. It’s our primary means of communication. It organizes our lives. It helps schedule our days. And, it keeps us on task.

But if you’re like most users, you’re just scratching the surface of Microsoft Outlook’s full power and potential.

Outlook is a robust system with hundreds of features, settings, and options designed to simplify the lives of everyone working for you.

In July’s Lunch ‘N Learn webinar, we dove into some of the top tools and tricks you can start using immediately to maximize Outlook’s impact on your business and team. From emails and calendars to automation and add-ins, we introduced and explained some of the more powerful tools Outlook can offer your organization.

You’re sure to leave with at least one new trick you’ll want to start using immediately.

What We’re Going to Cover

July’s Lunch ‘N Learn is all about Microsoft Outlook. Specifically, we covered:

  • The difference between web and desktop versions.
  • Ways to keep a clean inbox.
  • Streamlining communications.
  • Important email handling functions.
  • Task management tools.
  • Scheduling tricks.
  • Technology integrations.

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