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Five Awesome Tricks and Shortcuts in Word 2010

Microsoft-Word-LogoNot everyone is on the Office 2013 bandwaggon just yet. Here at Acroment we use Office 2010 and about 20% of our clients are still using Office 2003. If you’ve been using MS Office for a while, you probably know your way around the software pretty well, but with so many options and features built in, there’s always more to learn. Here are five handy tips to help you go from being a user to a power user.

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The end of my Wifi woes.

YYou might be or know one of the millions of Americans stricken with low WifiSignal-itus. It is the horrible feeling you get while waiting for your Wifi signal to go back to full strengh, because thats the only time it ever works correctly.

For years, I’ve struggled with getting a great Wifi signal throughout my home. I have no idea why construction crews in 1932 couldn’t be more forwarding thinking and select wifi freindly building materials. Linksys, Netgear, Dlink and others make Wifi range extenders and boosters that are supposed to make extending your Wifi signal a breeze. I have no idea how they can make those claims, because I think I’ve bought every single one they have ever made and not had consistent success. Until now…

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MAC/iOS Presentation at the Union Club

It was my pleasure to be selected to speak today at the Union club on the topic of Apple/iOS Mobile devices. Thank you Don Greenberg from eGenio for recommending me!

As promised, here are the notes from my presentation and links to find additional information we spoke about today.

Video on how to set a passcode on an iphone: on YouTube

Demonstrations of the different functions of the Home button: on Acroment YouTube Channel

Apps we discussed:

More information about Siri: at

Airplay Demo: Video on Youtube

More information about training available from Apple: at

Now through July 20th, we will be collecting old computer equipment for our semi-annual recycling drive.

It is amazing how quickly unused tech can pile up, so we offer this service to our clients, friends, and family twice per year at no cost.

We have partnered with a local recycler who will receive this equipment – then shred it and recycle the raw materials. We cannot provide certified data destruction certificates, however we will be drilling holes through all hard drives (physically destroying them) before they too are sent to the shredder.

Please give us a call at 216-255-6300 before you stop by, or if you are a business or client with several items call and schedule a pickup.

Fifty-one percent of small businesses—businesses with between 3 and 99 employees—cite “increasing employee productivity” as one of the top issues they face, according to the 2011 Aflac WorkForces Report.

It’s a common issue shared by many of our clients too, and we’re often asked for suggestions on technologies that can help improve employee productivity. While our recommendations vary from client to client, there are three technologies we almost always recommend: enterprise-class email, smartphones and GPS.

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