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Upgrade Your IT Investment

Is your technology taking up office space that could be put to better use? Do you want to implement the latest IT, but don’t have space? If your answer is ‘yes,’ we have the solution. With Virtualization from Acroment Technologies, you’ll be able to separate your IT resources from your in-house environment by having your technology delivered via the Internet – meaning you’ll actually be able to do more with less.

When you virtualize your in-house technology you’ll have access to more IT, more memory, and more software than is physically installed in your office, because we host it off-site for you. Virtualization capabilities are applicable to many aspects of your business IT from your networks, storage, and laptop and server hardware to your operating systems and applications.

Let Acroment Look After Your Most Important IT Assets for You

Improve application performance – with fast provisioning and dynamic load balancing.

Quickly get back up and running after a disaster – with simplified data recovery solutions.

Increase utilization – by consolidating your servers

Be more eco-friendly – by lowering your electricity bill, and your footprint, with fewer servers.

More Technology with Less Equipment

Virtualization technologies create space and distance between computing, storage, and networking hardware and the applications they support. This way, you get more advanced technology without having to install more equipment.

When we deploy a virtual infrastructure for your business, it’s a seamless process because the way you do your work will not change. Once your Virtualization solution is live, your IT administrators can coordinate resources across your business, giving you the ability to respond more quickly to the changing needs of the market and make better use of infrastructure investments.

See how Virtualization solutions from Acroment Technologies can help you take your business to the next level.