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Email and Spam Protection

Protecting Your Business from Online Threats

Being able to communicate quickly and reliably is crucial if you want your business to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Most of us need email to work efficiently, but if you’re not adequately protected, then you’re leaving your business vulnerable to online attacks. Acroment Technologies’s unique email filtering is the most comprehensive service available. We not only filter messages for spam email, but also for viruses and phishing attacks too. In fact, our email filtering product reduces unwanted email by up to 95%.

With Email and Spam Protection from Acroment Technologies, your business will enjoy complete access to a reliable email system without having to worry about any of the associated threats.

Don’t Let Online Threats be the Downfall of Your Business

Email and Spam Protection from Acroment Technologies ensures your email is working to benefit your company, not leaving you vulnerable to security problems.

By choosing Email and Spam Protection from Acroment Technologies, you will:

Improve email access – flexible search options and attachment and message archiving

Refine business processes – ease the pressure on your server by offloading huge amounts of storage

Ensure the security of your email – prevent online threats and protect your business

Simplify systems – complete email indexing and easy access to your data

Limit downtime – never lose emails if your Internet breaks or your email server is unavailable, because we’ll spool your email messages for delivery when you’re back online

Managing Your Email Filter is Simple

Simply log into our spam filter with your username and password. Employees have access to their own data, so you don’t have to worry about managing it for them. We’ll also send you a daily email report listing the messages which were blocked so you may unblock any that you do actually need.