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Too Much Sharing On Spotify?

Spotify & Facebook LogosWith the recent changes to the Facebook profile, it was a certainty that the way certain programs, websites and apps interacted with the social media giant would change as well.  The online world is moving to a space where people share what they’re doing, where they’re doing it and who they’re with.  Music super-app Spotify is following this creed and allows you to connect with your Facebook account so you can share what you’re listening to with your Facebook friends and see what they’re listening to.  Rather than posting these updates to your wall, they’re posted to your activities and show up almost like little news blurbs such as:

  • Greg created the “Remember the 90′s? They Were Awesome!” playlist
  • Greg listened to “The Touch” by Stan Bush

But what if you don’t WANT your friends to know what you’re listening to?  Never fear… if you want to keep your Britney Spears obsession under wraps, there is a quick and easy way to turn off this setting so you can once again enjoy your Justin Bieber, Nickelback, Def Leppard or [insert your guilty pleasure here] without getting ridiculed by your friends. Read the rest of this entry


Facebook Timeline – A Sneak Peak

Facebook Inline Privacy Control

There are big changes on the horizon at Facebook.  Recently at f8 (the Facebook developers conference), CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced and showed off some of the big changes that the social networking giant has in store for us. (Watch the keynote address here)

Privacy Settings
Of paramount concern for quite a few Facebook users is privacy. Recent changes (once again) to the privacy policy have begun rolling out.  If you haven’t checked out your profile recently, you may very well be greeted with the following screens.  They essentially walk you through your new abilities to control specific privacy settings. Read the rest of this entry

Netflix Renames DVD Service Qwikster

qwikster coming soonBack in July, movie-on-demand giant Netflix raised their prices setting their customers on a rampage and their stock prices into a free fall.  (Read the initial announcement from July here).  If you’re not familiar with Netflix, they’re a movie rental company which sends you your movies in the mail.  You can get as many movies as you want for one flat fee.  There’s no late fees so if you want to keep a particular movie longer than another that’s your prerogative.  Netflix also offers a streaming option where you can watch a (limited) portion of the catalog directly on your device (PC, TV, iPhone, etc.)  Essentially what Netflix did was split their pricing for the home DVD and streaming services, effectively doubling their rates.  This, naturally, upset quite a few folks which left the company with a slew of bad publicity and a customer base that was leaving in droves.

And today… Netflix has finally responded.  I received this email in my inbox this morning from Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings: Read the rest of this entry

As reported yesterday, HP ( has announced their intent to exit the personal computer Business.  This move comes as the company struggles to stay relevant in the ever dynamic consumer products marketplace.

For years, HP has attempted to build upon its successful printer business by acquiring other consumer product companies such as Compaq and (most recently) Palm.  The move to now exit those businesses is a win for Apple computer with its hugely successful iPhone and iPad products which have been competing with HP’s Palm Pre and the just released HP TouchPad.  Another big winner is Dell who is already the leading PC manufacturer.  Based on HP’s exit, Dell can only expect to continue to  gain market share. Read the rest of this entry