5 of the Best Things about Virtualization

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Virtualization

Virtualization is a complex field that constantly evolves. Understanding it in its truest form requires time, commitment and effort. But there’s one thing about virtualization that remains the same: its benefits. Below is a quick recap of some of the best things about virtualization.

Added Technology Uptime

Each virtualization provider has their own fancy names for the features that this area of technology brings. But if you remove all the technobabble, you’ll find cutting-edge concepts and ideas.

A good example of this impressive approach is the “fault tolerance.” When you use virtualization to cluster several servers to come up with a single supercomputer, you’re able to significantly boost uptime. If one of the servers fails, the others will continue working.

Yet another example is the “live migrations.” This is a fancy way of saying that a computer can be tweaked by a technician even when you’re using the machine. Say you built a bare-bones workstation and you need to upgrade the computer’s storage capacity. Various virtualization options can upgrade your computer’s storage without you having to log out and restart your PC or Mac.

Better Recovery System

Backing up data is much easier in a virtualized setting. Traditionally, you need to create an “image” backup of your server (that includes your OS, apps and system settings). You can only restore your backup to a computer if you have the exact same hardware specs. With virtualization, the images of your servers and workstations are more consistent. They are also compatible with a wider range of hardware setups.

More Secure Apps

To boost security, most IT technicians recommend separating software and apps from one another. Virtualization can group your apps in quarantined spaces that are only allowed to use minimal resources and storage. This way, the possibility of a malware wreaking havoc on other areas of the system is significantly reduced.

Create Virtual Spaces

The same virtualization features that isolate applications can also generate customized virtual spaces for outdated software. If you have a software that isn’t compatible with a modern OS, virtualization enables you to create a small-scale machine with everything the software needs to operate. In that virtual space, the program will be more protected. It will also use fewer resources a. More importantly, it will be isolated from new programs.

Easier Cloud Migrations

There are many avenues where virtualization and cloud technology overlap. As such, migrating to the cloud from a virtualized setting is easier than any other forms of migration.


There is no denying the many benefits of virtualization. To help you understand how virtualization can help your company, feel free to contact us now.