Beware of Bogus Microsoft Update Emails!

by | Jun 23, 2009 | Practical Tips

In the last few days, I have received this email to alert me of a critical Microsoft Outlook update.

If you have received this email, or one like it, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IN THIS EMAIL!

Although the link in this email appears to be a link to the Microsoft update website, when you click it, it directs you to which is NOT the Microsoft update website. I am not sure what kind of virus it asks you to download (because I have not downloaded it myself) but whatever it is, I am sure it isn’t good.

Microsoft will never send you a link to download an update directly from an email message. Windows updates are only installed directly from the Windows Update program on your computer, or by manually browsing their download website for a specific update.

If you feel that you have already downloaded this in error, let us know right away so we can address this problem.

For our Plan A Clients – we update your systems for you – so there is no need for you to every apply updates to your system manually.