Higlights of the 2018 Apple WWDC

San Jose, California, recently hosted the 2018 Apple WWDC. Apple’s engineers interacted with the developers in attendance. Everyone at the event got a sneak preview at the computer manufacturer’s upcoming products and software. Check out the highlights from the event right here! A More Personal and Faster iOS 12 Apple has focused on improving the […]

Why You Need a Strong iPhone Passcode

Now is the right time to shift to a stronger passcode for iPhone users, with police departments, federal agencies, and possible criminals, lining up to buy technology that can bypass your phone’s security. Experts say technology for unlocking iPhones is very much in circulation, so here’s everything you need to know.

How to Back Up Your Files with Apple Time Machine

There’s a popular belief that Macs are the most reliable computer brand because they are less likely to get viruses or crash often – but they do. And like any other computer, Macs aren’t invulnerable to coffee spills, theft, and crashes. When these happen, the Apple Time Machine is your friend to restore your data.

Huge Apple Developments to Look Forward to This 2018

Apple is most famous for releasing a new iPhone every year, but that’s not all users should be excited about. Many experts predict that in the coming year the tech powerhouse will introduce some incredible new products. Here are some of the most exciting announcement Apple could make in 2018. Three new iPhones Just like […]

Apple Pay for Small to Medium Businesses

Apple Pay is a way for iPhone and iWatch users to make credit card payments using only their mobile device. Although it’s incredibly simple to use, some small businesses are worried that by accepting these digital payments their security will be compromised.

The iPhone X and So Much More!

Ten years after the first iPhone was announced, Apple’s keynote addresses are still global events. This year’s slate of fall releases included the iPhone X. The company also announced a lot more than just the incremental updates of Apple’s flagship device.

The Best Mac Shortcuts To Make Your Work Easier

Mac operating systems are known for their intuitive user interface with minimal learning curve. Over the years, Macs have been equipped with a bunch of new shortcuts and hidden features. Here are our picks of the ones guaranteed to make life easier. Use Siri to change your Mac’s system settings.