Aetna Plastics Celebrates 65 Years

At Acroment we value our customer above all else.  In addition to providing outstanding IT support we strive to be a valued IT partner.  One of those partners, Aetna Plastics - - is celebrating their 65th anniversary and Acroment would like to offer our sincere congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment.

What Would You Do For $5? – Fiverr

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do for $5?  In my internet travels I recently stumbled upon The premise of the website is rather simple, what would you pay someone $5 to do for you?  Sing you a song?  Share a website link with 100,000 of their Twitter friends?

How about yelling your company name just before running into a wall? (more…)

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Spotify – All The Music, All The Time

I heard about Spotify - - a few months ago when I watched a video interview with Napster founder Sean Parker.  Parker who's always been into the sharing of music has said that Spotify is, "the answer to piracy."  I'm a big music fan and the problem of music piracy on the Internet is a huge one so I was super interested in this.

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