Summer Technology Cleanup and Recycling

Now through July 20th, we will be collecting old computer equipment for our semi-annual recycling drive.

It is amazing how quickly unused tech can pile up, so we offer this service to our clients, friends, and family twice per year at no cost.

We have partnered with a local recycler who will receive this equipment – then shred it and recycle the raw materials.

Mac or PC: Which Computer Is Better for Small Businesses?

It’s hard to deny the appeal of Apple’s Mac computer line. Its sexy design, intuitive interface and proven reliability make Apple an attractive alternate to PCs for many small businesses. Not to mention, how can you not love the old commercials?

As small business owners build out or update office infrastructure, they face the decision of whether to buy Mac or PC computers.

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I bought a MAC but I am still a PC.

The PC and I have been BFF’s for years. For Christmas, my wife got a unibody Macbook to replace her aging Dell. Knowing my wife uses her computer mostly for photos, music, email and web browsing, the Mac was a safe choice and gave me an opportunity to fully appreciate the Mac operating system – OS X.

Unexpectedly, it lead me to consider, and ultimately purchase my own Mac when I needed a new laptop in January.