Handling SMB Cyber Attack

It’s been said so many times that many small business owners are likely to block it out, but the truth remains: cyber criminals target SMBs. Perhaps the reason for this ignorance is that when an SMB falls victim to an online attack, it’s not breaking news.

The Art of Mobile Safe Browsing via Google

With the vast majority of end users turning to Google as their search engine or default browser of choice, it comes as no surprise to learn that the company takes security seriously. But in a perpetually changing landscape where anti-virus and anti-malware tools are constantly chasing their tails in order to stay up to date […]

Passwords: STILL A Security Concern

If you're online you've got passwords. In all likelihood you've got multiple passwords you need to remember.  If you're like me you're "logging in" to everything from your office computer to your microwave.  While it may be difficult to remember all of the different username / password combinations you should really resist the urge to have simple, easy to guess passwords.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Know Employee Passwords

About 20% of our clients request that employees use a specific password for their computer/email or that they let managers know what their passwords are and they keep a list of employee passwords. The reasons for this seem logical – managers want quick access to their employees emails or files when they are out of the office. But the effects of this type of policy can be harmful to the health of your business.

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