PayPal As A Payment Gateway

Small businesses (especially new businesses) often struggle with getting paid.  Bank accounts, checks, credit cards, cash, etc.  The payment options seem endless.  For ease of use for the end user many businesses choose to accept credit cards.  For a small business this can lead to some roadblocks as you typically need to have a merchant account, a payment gateway, etc.

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Hidden Gem In Your Facebook Profile

Before I get started I wanted to say thanks to Eric Clemens and the rest of the Acroment crew for the very warm welcome.  It's been awesome so far and I'm very much looking forward to working with Acroment, FastWebUpdates and our clients!

I'm a big social media guy which to my mother means "computer stuff".  I often try to explain what I do to her and I typically don't get much past "Internet" before her eyes glaze over (love you Mom).  She recently asked me what "The Facebook" is all about and in my efforts to explain it to her I took a look at my own profile and I stumbled across something I'd never seen before.

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Domain Name Sale

When we purchased Pervasive Support Systems last year - it included a WildWestDomains reseller account. WildWestDomains is a premier reseller of hosting and domain name services.

For a limited time - I have set the pricing for .com domain name renewals and transfers at OUR COST - Just $7.99 per .com domain name.

IT that works for YOU – not the other way around

Does your IT service provider hold you hostage? Are you afraid of putting your foot down because you are worried about what they might do to your computer systems?


Our two newest clients were rescued from the clutches of their IT providers. (names changed to protect the innocent)

Case #1: Billy was their IT consultant whom they had been using for the last 7+ years and became increasingly difficult to get a hold of.