Cloud Based Email Battle: Microsoft Vs. Google

by | Jun 28, 2011 | Short Posts

I recently ran across this article on and wanted to pass it along:

Microsoft and Google: 3 Misconceptions That Microsoft Wants You To Know About

The article is certainly biased (It’s written by Microsoft Product Manager, Bhavika Thakkar) but I think it highlights some differences that business owners really need to consider when moving ANY of their services to the cloud.

In my experience, no other email server works as well or is as powerful as Microsoft Exchange Server. While you may be using Microsoft Office Outlook to connect to other email servers (POP or IMAP servers for example) there are a lot of back end features of Outlook which are not unlocked unless you have your mailbox on an Exchange Server (as many of our customers do).

The information in this article isn’t news to me.  However, it does help highlight some of the risks you take when evaluating a move to hosted services.

For some additional reading on “The Cloud” see below:

Are you using Cloud services for your business?

If so which ones and what’s been your experience?