Did Facebook Secretly Collect Android Data?

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Android

It was recently exposed that Facebook has been collecting Android phone users’ call history and SMS data. And they’ve supposedly done it for years. This is an alarming news to many users.But Facebook has assured us that the Android data collected are acquired with consent.

Here’s everything you need to know:

How Facebook’s data-collecting activities were discovered

It was software developer Dylan McKay who realized this questionable Facebook endeavor. He made his discovery when he downloaded his Facebook account data from his Android device (to do this, go to General > Settings). When he tweeted about it, several users responded that the same thing happened to them. Others revealed that only call histories with close contacts such as parents, partners, and other family members were collected.

Facebook has already clarified that they did not collect anything without users’ previous knowledge. Also, granting access to call logs and SMS data is an opt-in feature. Users of Messenger or Facebook Lite on Android may agree or disagree with this when they installed the app.

Facebook’s response

According to Facebook, requests for access to one’s contacts, phone calls, and SMS history is a widely used practice. The action helps apps distinguish between personal and professional contacts to improve the way it recommends friends and contacts.

Also, in the new versions of Messenger or Facebook Lite on Android, users can see more clearly which permissions they’re granting to apps. In particular, where apps ask for access to their call and SMS data.

Despite this, users who granted permission before they updated to Android Jelly Bean are still supplying their contacts data to Facebook. But from the Marshmallow version onwards, users are asked separate permissions to access their call and message logs. With Android’s new permission structure, users who download the app will be asked to grant two separate permissions. One is for their call history data, the other one is for their message data.

Is there anything you need to do?

There are tons of users who are that Facebook has access to their contacts data. But millions of others are still unwittingly granting access to their data. For some, it’s because their device is running on an old version of Android. For others, it’s because they’re simply unaware of what type of data they’ve allowed access to when they installed the app.

Since a vast majority of iOS apps are not allowed to access call history and SMS data, iOS device users were unaffected. Android users, on the other hand, have an option to delete contact data from their profiles. But it’s unclear whether previously collected data can be completely purged even after deleting Facebook contacts on their device.

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