Goodbye Microsoft Lync, Hello Skype for Business

by | Apr 16, 2015 | In The News, Mobile General, Mobile Technology, Office 2013, Practical Tips, Productivity

The long wait is finally over! In the latter part of 2014, Microsoft revealed that it will convert Lync into a new and improved service branded as Skype for Business. Lync is a business-centered communication service that Microsoft acquired in May 2012. The company planned to make the change to expand its VoIP user base. The new Skype for Business – formerly Lync – just rolled out in public a couple of days ago.

The leading software company promises that the new Skype for Business will continue to be an Office 365 service. Lync operated using the MS Lync Server, which is the program structure for enterprise IM, VoIP, presence and conferencing. Microsoft affirms Skype for Business will come with a better customer experience.


Benefits of the new Skype for Business

Skype for Business utilizes and combines the strong points of Skype and Lync. It:

  • Adopts the accustomed Skype icons for audio and video calls.
  • Uses Skype’s call monitor feature, which retains a live call in a small window regardless if the user uses another application.
  • Absorbs and enhances Lync strengths such as content sharing and telephony. This means call transfer will just require a single click as opposed to multiple ones today.
  • Makes it simpler to connect with people anywhere around the world. The new Skype for Business features video calls and user directory which makes it possible to contact any Skype user using any device or unit.


There’s no special hardware needed to make the update. For Office 365 clients, the upgrade is even easier. Clients’ service provider will make the necessary updates. All enterprises using Lync Online will be updated to Skype for Business by the end of May.


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