Google Chrome’s Newly Improved Security Settings

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Web & Cloud

Most web browsers have built-in security measures to protect users. But, some of those aren’t enough to ward off unwanted software. To improve Google Chrome’s security, the search engine giant rolled out some changes in its Chrome Cleanup tool for Windows.

Here’s how the enhanced tool protects you.

Detect hijacked settings

Many users prefer to enhance their browsing experience by installing extensions or plug-ins. But, many of these could be malicious. When these extensions are installed, they could inject harmful ads into web pages. They can also allow access to third-party servers without the user’s consent.

Google’s new hijacked settings detection function prevents this from happening. Once it detects an attempt by a third party to change browser’s settings, it will automatically revert to Chrome’s default settings. And in case you suspect any unauthorized change in your browser, you can manually reset settings in Chrome.

Simplify cleanup

You probably don’t remember downloading many of the files in your Downloads folder. But, these are actually programs and attachments that were bundled with the software that you do use.

Chrome Cleanup’s newly simplified feature makes it easier for you to determine harmful files. This eases the pain of sorting through and deleting tons of downloaded files. When it detects a malicious software, users will get a pop-up message that offers them an easy way to remove the potential threat. The pop-up also provides details about.

Maximize removal of non-essential software

Aside from the simplified interface, Google also made some much-needed improvements in Chrome Cleanup’s performance. It’s now capable of eliminating more junkware.

Tricking users into installing a program without their consent is a characteristic of unwanted software under Google’s Unwanted Software Policy. To help fight against this, the company has partnered with an IT security team to strengthen Chrome’s ability to detect and remove unwelcome add-ons.

It’s important to note that these upgrades don’t affect Chrome’s performance and speed. They work in the background. The changes are now available in Windows devices, but will soon roll out to other platforms. In the meantime, if you want to find out more about browser and application security, contact our security specialists today!

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