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by | Sep 6, 2011 | Practical Tips, Social Media

LinkedIn is an outstanding tool from a business networking perspective.  While it’s often referred to as “Facebook for adults” it really is much more than that.  When used properly it can be a great sales and marketing asset and it’s absolutely invaluable from a networking perspective.  Here’s  the FastWebUpdates take on Building Your LinkedIn Network.

With any networking relationship, you typically get as much out of it as you put into it.  With that understanding I personally always will go out of my way to help others whether through and introduction, sharing of best practices or providing constructive feedback.  LinkedIn offers some incredible tools to assist in networking, one of which is called “Get introduced through a connection.  This feature allows you to (potentially) get connected to someone who’s not in your network through someone who is.

It’s a great way to expand your network.  As you use LinkedIn more and more, don’t be surprised if you get a request now and again for an introduction.  This is a pretty typical scenario which happened to play out for me the other day.  Names have been changed.

  1. Jane (who I’m not connected with) wanted to get in touch with John (who I am connected with).
  2. Jane looked at her network to see if we shared a common connection and found Bill (whom I share a group with)
  3. Jane asked Bill to put me in contact with John.
  4. I forwarded the introduction to John letting him know how I was connected to Bill and that I wasn’t connected to Jane.
  5. John wrote me back and thanked me for the introduction and especially the background information.

Please note that it’s super important to include HOW you know (or don’t know) someone when passing along an introduction.  Sure it’s nice to help someone else out (and I normally do) but you also need to keep in mind that whoever you’re referring reflects on you.  I wanted to make sure that John knew all the players involved and how I was (or wasn’t) connected.

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