4 Security Pointers for Office 365 Migration

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Office

Deciding to migrate from an on-site system to a cloud-based Office 365 is simple. That being said, the migration process delivers quite a few security issues. By addressing these essentials, you can reduce security breaches so you can enjoy the many advantages of Office 365. Here’s how to do it:

Identify the sensitive data of your company.

The majority of the files saved in your servers includes sensitive personal and business data that need to be protected. Conduct a security audit beforehand to avoid security breaches.

The audit must discern the kinds of data kept in the different parts of your business network. These include which specific details require additional security. Make sure to take into account every little thing: from the personal data of your clients to trade secrets.

Limit the access to the sensitive files.

After identifying where the most valuable files are saved, check who currently has access to them. Verify if their access is appropriate. Make sure that each of your workers has access only to the information that’s essential for them to do their job. One of the benefits of the Office 365 is it conveniently lets you set various levels of permissions depending on user functions or roles.

Beware of insider threats.

It’s smart to think of everyone in your business with regards to auditing data access permissions. That includes system managers who may have master access to every single section of your network.

A rogue manager is a pain in the neck. Their position gives them more leeway to siphon off crucial details without being noticed. Sometimes, they even allow others to carry out suspicious transactions and circumvent the standard built-in security measures. You can offset this threat by keeping track of your administrators’ data consumption and activities.

Utilize machine learning to predict security breaches.

Every activity done by your employees in Office 365 is instantly logged. And so with relative ease, it is possible to make comprehensive activity reviews. The problem arises if your company employs a good number of employees. Even attempting to identify questionable actions is going to be like finding a needle in a haystack.

That being said, there are ‘symptoms’ you can monitor. A good example is the import of unexplainable huge volumes of data.

To make things simpler, machine learning systems can determine possible breaches ahead of time. The systems analyze large swaths of information in seconds. Graph API is integrated into Office 365 and enables the integration of machine learning tools within your security setting to attain just that.


By following these pointers, you can take full advantage of the powerful features of Office 365 without worrying about security. Learn more about Office 365. Give us a call if you need help migrating your files to a cloud-based system.