Year-End Report: Cloud Storage Tips and Tricks

by | Dec 23, 2014 | Cloud, Cloud-Office 365

Cloud storage is a big hit this year. Cloud storage is a term that identifies the online space that may be used to store or retain your data. Rather than storing files using physical safe-keeping devices like external hard drives and USB, cloud storage offers a more secure method of remotely keeping your important data. There are different kinds of cloud storage – some are for free while others require monthly or annual payment. These web-based storage alternatives are often supplied using a substantial network of electronic servers which include tools for handling files and arranging your online storage space.

Here are additional tips and information that you need to know about cloud storage.

Identify the Three Cases for Small Business to Integrate the Cloud
On the business side, the cloud improves processes, productivity, collaboration and innovation. The cloud is here to stay. So when does it make sense to integrate your small business with cloud-based technology? This post examines three powerful business cases for the cloud.

Find out if You can Rely on the Cloud for Your Business
Cloud computing is all the rage these days. Every time you turn around you’re hearing something about how it’s the wave of the future and how it’s cheaper, better, faster, etc. For some businesses, the “move to the cloud” can be a good thing, but in other cases it can be a very risky proposition. You need to ask yourself – can your business rely on the cloud?

Find out the Three Popular Backup Options
Backing up your systems and the data contained within it should be a task your business does on a regular basis. However, when it actually comes to backing up your systems, you have a number of options available to you, and it can be tricky picking which one to go with. From tape to cloud, you should be aware of the main options and what they offer.

And a bonus…
Learn How to Increase Android Storage
It’s undeniable that the number of Android users has grown tremendously over the past few years. With more customized features and increased apps, many people are turning to the Android operating system. As with most mobile device owners, they find it essential to maximize storage space on their smartphones and tablets. The question is: “How can I boost storage space on my Android device?”