Year-End Report: Virtualization 101

by | Dec 28, 2015 | Virtualization General

Virtualization technologies create space and distance between computing, storage, and networking hardware and the applications they support. This way, you get more advanced technology without having to install more equipment.

Virtualization from Acroment Technologies helps your business:

  • Improve application performance – with fast provisioning and dynamic load balancing
  • Quickly get back up and running after a disaster – with simplified data recovery solutions
  • Increase utilization – by consolidating your servers
  • Be more eco-friendly – by lowering your electricity bill, and your footprint, with fewer servers

Learn more about virtualization with these 2015 roundup report:

Find out the Five Common Ways Virtualization Fails

Virtualization has become commonplace in small to medium size businesses. After all, the idea of moving physical systems to virtual ones that not only usually costs less but also allows owners to get rid of physical hardware makes it an appealing option. While virtualization is popular, migrations are not always successful. Following are five of the most popular reasons why they can fail. {Read more…}

Use these Three Tips to Get You Started with Virtualization

The key to successful virtualization is to not virtualize too much too quickly. Choose one or two items you’d like to test out, and then give it a go. By only focusing on virtualizing a few assets, you’ll be able to accurately measure how much your business is benefiting from virtualization.

Once you’ve decided to make the jump into virtualization, here are a few tips to keep in mind. {Read more…}

Learn the Four Important Virtualization Questions You Need to Ask

Studies have shown that over 70% of IT budgeting is put towards simply “keeping the lights on.” If that sounds like a lot of money, that’s because it is. You’re likely spending thousands of dollars powering your IT equipment and paying your staff to manage it. And the truth is that it just doesn’t have to be that way. Virtualization can eliminate all those costs for a smoother running solution that you’ll never have to worry about.

So if you’re ready to examine your IT budget and see for yourself, here are 4 questions you need to ask. {Read more…}

Verify Fact or Fiction: Benefits of Virtualization

You have probably heard about the benefits of virtualization, it’s been quietly changing how IT services are provided in the industry for some time now and is popular for improving office efficiency while decreasing costs. While these claims sound great, it’s always worth knowing more facts before taking on a new tech. Let’s take a look at some of the supposed benefits of virtualization and see if they are fact or fiction. {Read more…}