4 Reasons Why VoIP Call Recording is Important for Your Business

by | Mar 21, 2018 | VoIP

Call recording is not a new feature in VoIP. However, it’s one that is underutilized especially in businesses with less focus on customer communication. When used correctly, it can boost customer satisfaction and strengthen business reputation.

Improve customer service

No matter the significance of the call, businesses must record calls to ensure high-quality customer service. By reviewing calls, managers can understand how their agents have been dealing with customers. They can assess whether or not they’ve followed company protocol. They can also easily pinpoint any aspects that can be improved on.

Without call recordings, managers would have to listen to each call in real time. This is a time-consuming process. By recording each call, managers can save valuable time. Employees will also be motivated to perform at their best every time they’re on the phone since they won’t know which calls are being monitored.

Upgrade employee performance

According to Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning, people only remember:

  • 10% of what they’ve read
  • 50% of what they’ve seen and heard, and
  • 90% of what they’ve done.

By providing your agents with actual recordings of good and bad calls during training sessions, they’ll be able to learn and provide high-quality customer service faster.

This is possible thanks to VoIP’s call recording feature. This allows every single call to be automatically recorded. That way, you can easily keep all audio files for future use, if necessary.

Retrieve missed details and prevent litigation

With numerous phone calls daily, it’s understandable if your employees don’t catch every single detail. And for companies that require manual data input during the calls, there’s always a possibility that they’ll forget or miss certain information. Obviously, this could lead to disgruntled customers who can harm business reputation. It can also lower work opportunities. And if things escalate, proceed to litigation.

VoIP’s call recording feature lets you replay saved audio files to make sure you haven’t missed any details. This ensures that all customer demands are met. And if you ever get into a dispute with your clients regarding who said what, you can always retrieve the exact audio file and have both sides listen to it.

Understand customer preferences

Have you ever received an inquiry about a product or service that’s not included as one of your offerings? In general, agents will usually jot down this piece of information and pass it on to the relevant personnel. But, if numerous calls are being made that day, at times, they’ll forget about noting it down. Tiny issues like this can lead to huge losses in potential profit.

Again, issues such as this could’ve easily been avoided with call recording. With call recordings, you’ll have a better picture of what certain customers are looking for. As such, you can also figure out what you can do to address them.

VoIP allows businesses to make on-demand calls without breaking the bank, and its call recording feature helps companies improve their customer service and prevent litigation. If you think business VoIP is right for you, or if you have any questions, give us a call today.

Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org. Source.