A week with the Blackberry Storm: Day 2

by | Dec 16, 2008 | Beta Testing, Fun Stuff

After 24 hours – I’ve made some progress!

I’ve figured out, that for one reason or another, I cannot seem to open any attachments I receive via email. Nothing. Even .jpg and .gif files. I’ve also tried wav, wmv, pdf, doc, xls, and ppt files. Nothing works. I’ve found  a few possible causes/solutions. First of which involves using the Enterprise Redirector so I am going to install that tomorrow. Second, Involves installing the Music Management software (which I didn’t want to do). And third, to view pdf files, you have to use a 3rd party application (I don’t understand WHY Adobe doesn’t make a mobile reader).

Navigating the device has its moments of frustration. At times, the storm thinks that I am in landscape mode when I am not. It also loves to show me the keyboard at times that I don’t want to see it.

Selecting items from the menus would be MUCH easier (for me) with some type of directional or more precise control (like the ball on the BB Pearl). I often select the wrong item form the menu while trying to scroll and click. I’ve found a couple of practices improve my experience: Dragging my finger to highlight the menu item before clicking (two movements rather than one) seems to be more successful. Also, dragging to highlight the item then pressing the blackberry key to choose it, also works well.

When writing a long amount of text, if you get to far ahead of yourself and you want to go back and edit, I’ve found that trying to click and move yourself back to a part of text is a trial and error process.

Those problems aside, I do love the Facebook app for BlackBerry. I’ve also installed gmail which works quite well. I’ve also loaded a new wallpaper, figured out how to arrange application icons and programmed a new ringtone.

In store for tomorrow – I will be diving deeper into fixing my attachment issue and I hope to have my phone syncing through BES – yay!