A week with the Blackberry Storm: Day 4

by | Dec 18, 2008 | Fun Stuff, Product Review

4 days into using my BlackBerry Storm and I still cannot open attachments from my work email account. At this point, I suspect that the problem is with my BES configuration.

I did manage to find some useful utilities from emPower. I’ve installed the trial versions of their BES Mailbox and HTML Email Viewer utilities which are working as advertised. So I can now see my BES messages separate from all the other messages on my phone and HTML emails display correctly. I am not sure if this is worth the price of the full version.

Check out this awesome post on the Crackberry.com forums: Ultimate Official Tips and Tricks for the BlackBerry Storm.  There are a lot of great tips in there which have eased some of my annoyances with the touch user interface. In particular:

  • When the keyboard is up: swipe your finger down across the keyboard to make it disappear, repeat opposite to make it appear.
  • Touch the sentence you want to change and hold your finger there (don’t click!). The cursor will turn from a solid blue to just an outline of a rectangle. Then just slide your finger in either direction and you can place the cursor exactly where you want it.
  • Also swiping left or right while viewing messages goes to previous or next message.

I also seem to be finding a lot of people who are as frustrated as I am with using the keyboard in landscape mode and perfer the SureType.

I am working on my Day 5/wrap up post and will have that up tomorrow.