Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

by | Feb 8, 2011 | Company News, Fun Stuff

Hot off the Internet are the results of our first annual customer satisfaction survey. Thank you for everyone who participated. The time you spent filling out the survey meant a lot to all of us and it gives us a great place to start towards making improvements.

Without further ado Here are the results:

We had a total of 63 responses out of a possible 500 overall just 12.6% of our clients filled out the survey. I hope that we can improve that number over time.

Question: Are you aware that Acroment Technologies provides IT/computer services to your company (do you know us by our company name)?

  • Yes: 100%
  • No: 0%

This is great news: the people that we work with know our brand!

Question: How often do you have “computer problems” in any given month?

  • Less than once per month: 49.2%
  • More than once per month, but less than three: 31.7%
  • More than three times each month: 19.0%

These results are a bit surprising to me.  I was hoping that our clients would have fewer problems, but I am glad that most respondents said they have less than 1 problem per month.

Generally speaking, do you feel that the majority of computer problems you have are caused by:

  • The computer (hardware): 23.8%
  • Windows (in general): 11.1%
  • Other software: 15.9%
  • The Network (other systems you connect to/with): 42.9%
  • Acroment (we cause the problems): 0%
  • The user (lack of training or understanding): 1.6%
  • It is so rare that I have a problem, I don’t know: 4.8%

As I watched the responses come in, “Computer hardware” had an early lead but “The Network” came on strong and ended up running away with it.  I’m very thankful that there isn’t a perception amongst our clients that we’re the cause of their problems.  Speaking of perception, this question tells me that we need to work on educating our clients on the issues that they are dealing with.  The concept of “The Network” simply means too many things to different people.

Generally speaking, would you say that the quality of our service is:

  • Improving over time: 36.5%
  • Declining over time: 0%
  • About the same as it always has been (good): 63.5%
  • About the same as it always has been (bad): 0%

With different verbiage in the responses we may have gotten a clearer answer.  What I was looking for here was the perception of Acroment by our customers.  Overall this looks like we’ve got a positive image.

When thinking about the computer support you receive from Acroment, please rate the following statements.

  • Acroment RESPONDS quickly: Strongly Agree (69.8%), Mostly Agree (30.2%)
  • Acroment RESOLVES problems quickly: Strongly Agree (52.4%), Mostly Agree (41.3%), Neutral (4.8%), Mostly Disagree (1.6%)
  • Acroments’ staff is friendly: Strongly Agree (77.8%), Mostly Agree (19.0%), Neutral (3.2%)
  • Acroment’s staff is knowledgeable: Strongly Agree (73.0%), Mostly Agree (19.0%), Neutral (7.9%)
  • I trust Acroments’ advice about computers and technology: Strongly Agree (71.4%), Mostly Agree (25.4%), Neutral (3.2%)

Overall, I am pleased with the results here.  I expected us to excel on our response time and dip on our resolution metrics.  It is sometimes difficult for us to resolve problems consistently well due to factors beyond our control.  We need to do a better job communicating what our resolution plans are to ensure that there isn’t a divide between client expectations and what we’re able to provide.

Quite frankly, I was hoping that we would have scored better on the last three answers.  It bothers me specifically that didn’t score higher on the knowledge and trust questions.  We have already made some changes to try and be more friendly. Based on these results, we will work even harder to improve our client’s perception of our knowledge level as well as the trust our clients place in us.

Outside of work, on average, how many hours per week do you spend on a computer?

  • 0-1 hours each week: 8.1%
  • 1-3 hours each week: 22.6%
  • 3-10 hours each week: 48.4%
  • 10+ hours each week: 21.0%

I thought this would be a great question for our clients to gain some overall insight into the amount of time their employees spend on the computer outside of work. Answers to this question 10 years ago would have been drastically different (as I imagine they will be 10 years from now).

Do you regularly use your home/personal computer to catch up on work after hours?

  • Yes: 47.6%
  • No: 42.9%
  • No, I use a company laptop: 9.5%

This question shows how important remote access is for employees. It also gives us a great topic to talk to our clients about securing that remote access.

Do you feel that using a computer outside of work, improves your use of computers at work?

  • Yes: 73.0%
  • No: 27.0%

I am glad to see that so many people are improving their computer skills on their own time.  It’s clear that the more time you spend on the computer the more comfortable you’ll be.  As the old adage says, “Practice Makes Perfect!”

Do you use (Check all that apply):

  • LinkedIn: 79.2%
  • Facebook: 85.4%
  • Twitter: 29.2%

These statistics aren’t surprising at all  Facebook has over 500 million users with over 50% of those people logging on every single day. Since you’re already there, why not interact with Acroment 😉  Note that 23% (15 people) skipped this question.  They either don’t engage in social media or chose not to answer for another reason.

Have you read any of our blog posts on in the last year?

  • Yes: 22.2%
  • No: 77.8%

Not much of a surprise here – we don’t publish enough regularly. I am taking steps to make better use of our blog in the coming year to better educate our community.  Notice that this is already the 6th blog post this year (roughly once per week).

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who responded to our survey.  This was such a great process and we are so thankful to have your business and trust.  These results give us a great place to start from when making changes in the future.  As I said in my email invite; We cannot change what we don’t measure.  Now that we have a measurement to start from, we will make changes to improve these results and measure again. I take the challenge of providing the highest level of service to our clients very personally and look forward meeting it head on.

Finally, I wanted to leave you with some of the “additional comments” we received from our survey.  Below are the unedited comments that we received.  Thanks to all that took the time to complete our survey.

Additional Comments:

  • Very happy with Acroment, IT support is fast and responsive, always get positive
    feedback from those who use in our office.
  • It’s always been a pleasure working with you. You’re prompt, knowledgeable and
    friendly. Good work!
  • many of my employees are home based and are not computer savvy so there is a
    strong disconnect with the office that way. I have sent varoius employees to
    computer training programs over the years with very little improvement. Literally a
    very basic course where they learn what ever item on the pull down menus on
    Word does that can help them/spead up things, etc. would be uselful. Sometimes
    just the basics are great
  • My experience has been great with acroment
  • I mostly work with Erik and Tom and they are both extremely helpful. I feel like
    they would do anything for me, especially when I’m having a problem. Thank you!
  • Every time we have needed someone to come out, they are here very quick. We
    are happy with the service that you provide.
  • Thanks for keeping us running smoothly!
  • Acroment does a great job for us and we are very appreciative of the time and
    quality of service we receive.
  • Eric Clemens is dreamy.
  • It has been a pleasure working with Acroment.
  • Your staff did a great job for deploying new desk tops and uograding Microsoft on
  • Tom Cook is a wonderful employye; always prompt, polite and professional!
    He goes above and beyound to help us and we are extremely satisfied with the
    excellent service provided by him and all the staff at Acroment!
  • I am and have been happy with the level of support Acroment supplies.
    Whenever I have an issue the team resolves things as quickly as possible.
  • Usually, we get very strong and timely response. However, there are times when
    we have had strategic conversations/account reviews or identified a series of
    issues and not all things are addressed in a timely fashion. Translating strategic
    conversations to more rapid follow is an opportunity to improve that.
  • Different level of staff competence in specific areas sometimes leads to inefficitive
    solutions, depending on who was assigned the ‘ trouble ticket’.
  • All of your staff has been very helpful, polite and they always follow up to make
    sure things are running properly after they have serviced/helped.
  • If you could send out information to the main contact at the offices of potential
    viruses or malware problems to be aware of, that you have heard about and/or
    seeing other clients having problems with. With technology changing keeping
    clients aware of the new and upcoming software/hardware changes or
  • You guys are great. But as we continue to downsize, you are getting too pricey for
    my diminishing business. I guess the decision rleates to whether I need a server
    or not, We shall see.
  • I would like to share my pleasure at working with the staff at Acroment. I am the
    contact person at our firm for technical support, and have very little technical
    knowledge. It has not been my experience (since the changes have been
    implemented) that Acroment’s staff has been frustrated with my technical
    communications. I’ve always found them to be patient and very thourough when
    trying to determine what the actual issue is. I am never intimidated by calling
    Acroment for help, as I have been in the past with other Technical Support
    Since you have implemented these changes, I have found greater service and
    dedication to finding resolutions. The staff is consistently offering new possible
    solutions to some of the tougher issues, and following up on a regular basis (even
    after I’ve lost track of the issue) as a reminder that they do not feel its been
    satisfactorily resolved. Additionally, they have a working knowledge of our
    system, our staff, and they way we do things (which can sometimes be inflexible).
    I can call at any time and reach someone who is extremely familiar with our
    specific issues, and that makes me feel like we are getting constant attention,
    even when we are not communicating.
    I would also like to indicate that most lingering issues that our firm experiences is
    due to our lack of response or cooperation on our part, and that I do not view the
    comment I made above to be a service issue of Acroment in any way (REF:
    Acroment RESOLVES issues quickly).
  • We’re pleased
  • Since getting a smart phone, I am on that more than a computer at home/after work. That would probably skew my answers to question 7. I often check e-mail on my phone.
  • Keep up the good work
  • I deal mostly with Tom Cook – He’s great at what he does and is always very helpful. You’ve got a good employee.
  • My experience has been that it is easy to get in touch with someone at Acroment when there is a problem, which is great. After that, sometimes the fix is quick and it is done completely, but most of the time, it takes more than a day to identify root cause and fix problem. On the good side of that, abouit half of the time, updates are provided by Acroment without being asked. The most frustrating part of dealing with Acroment is not being notified of the status of the fix, especially when a problem is identified and the fix is going to take some time.
  • I think your service is great. Good response time, friendly staff, get problems solved in a timely matter.
  • Offerring training to staff to reduce errors and imporve effeciencies with use of technology or software.
  • You guys are so wonderful! I have never had such good IT service at any job I have had as I do from Acroment. That includes any in-house IT department I have had at any job. I like that your staff is SO friendly and personable and also that they explain what the problems are as they fix them. This makes me feel more confident that the problem is really being addressed AND that it isn’t some mysterious terror that will come back as soon as Acroment hangs up the phone. Thanks for all your help. You guys ROCK!
  • With the few dealings I’ve had, I have been very impressed with the quickness of your response and the kindness of everyone I’ve talked to.
  • My experience with Acroment has always been a positive one! I get the help I need when I need it! And I thank your staff for this great service
  • Have been overall impressed w/ the staff. Anytime we need help, they are within reach, responsive to our needs, and provide help that anyone can understand.
  • Ian is top notch. Personal thanks to him.
  • I appreciate when getting help over phone, I am talked through the difficulties easily at my level of understanding. Every one is friendly and helpful.