IT that works for YOU – not the other way around

by | Feb 24, 2009 | Useful Tools

Does your IT service provider hold you hostage? Are you afraid of putting your foot down because you are worried about what they might do to your computer systems?


Our two newest clients were rescued from the clutches of their IT providers. (names changed to protect the innocent)

Case #1: Billy was their IT consultant whom they had been using for the last 7+ years and became increasingly difficult to get a hold of. He was always friendly but often was put out because he had larger clients that were spending more money so he gave them more attention. Acroment came in and did a free audit of their network and found that (although Billy was reporting otherwise) they had not had a successful backup in OVER 1 YEAR.

I’m worried about what he might do if we leave him. One day he was here fixing something at our office and received a call from another client. I told him that if he needed to go and service them – that it was ok and our needs could wait. No they can wait’ he said. But what if they fire you, I replied. “I have all their passwords, they’ll be sorry if they do” Billy responded.

While we were at their office performing their free network audit, we fixed their backup (also for free). They signed up with our Plan A program, we immediately disabled access for their old IT provider. We only work with small businesses. We provide reports of the work we do.

Case #2: ABC Company came to use their IT consultant because they had the same company develop a custom database. As they grew and needed a server, Steve (their IT Consultant), was happy to oblige. It wasn’t long before they outgrew the custom database and purchased a new CRM system from another provider. Things came to a head when the CRM consultant needed access to the server to install the new CRM system. Steve would take WEEKS before getting back to ABC with the requested information. It held up their CRM deployment by 2 months. The cause? Steve didn’t want ANYONE (even ABC Company) to have the password for their OWN server. Steve summed it up best in an email to ABC Company:

“I’m sorry to say this so bluntly, but you are wrong in saying you should have full administrative access to your server.  In fact, I don’t think your having any administrative account represents anything except a liability to you and to us.”

We didn’t even need to do a full audit of the computer systems at ABC company before they knew that they needed to switch to Plan A from Acroment. It’s YOUR computer system, of course you should know your passwords.

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