The Mimo UM-710: A convenient way to add a monitor

by | May 26, 2009 | Useful Tools

Do you want another monitor for your desktop PC or laptop? Don’t want to invest in a dual-port video card? The Mimo UM-710 may be the answer to your prayers!

The Mimo UM-710 is a 7″ LCD display which you can connect to any computer with a spare USB port. Nothing else required. This makes it very easy to setup multiple displays on any computer or laptop to meet your needs.

The maximum resolution for the screen is only 800×480 which doesn’t give you the display capabilities for a full sized monitor, however if you just want to have your email, IM, or TweetDeck running on another display – this is the solution for you. I purchased this so that I could watch the dashboard of our helpdesk in real-time. I didn’t want to upgrade to a more powerful video card (yet) and add another 22″ monitor to my desk. This fits the bill nicely.

I was impressed at how easy the setup was. It didn’t even require a reboot of my computer. It was plug-n-play as advertised. The screen is sharp and easy to read (for me).

Other models are available (one with a touch screen, one with a webcam), however may not be available for purchase in the U.S. The UM-710 retails for $129.99. I found mine on eBay for just a little more than $100 (new).

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Action Shots:

My desktop:

Upclose of the Mimo UM-710: