Update Report on my Blackberry Storm

by | Jan 14, 2009 | Beta Testing, Fun Stuff

Yesterday I met with Bill Lambert at ArcSpecs. He asked how my experience with the Storm has been and I thought I would share my comments with all of you.

Three or so weeks into using the Blackberry I’d have to say that I am about 70% happy with it. If Verizon released a new windows mobile phone today, I would probably run out and buy it.

Since my last update – attachments are now working on my phone. I am not sure how this problem was solved as the only changes I’ve made to the phone is that I removed the BES Mailbox and HTML Email Viewer applications (they expired and I was not sure I wanted to pay the asking price for them ($20 for BES Mailbox, $10 for HTML Viewer).

The reason that Windows Mobile OS is so appealing to me is that it is a breeze to setup and administer. ActiveSync is THE best mobile sync platform out right now – hands down. In addition, although I have gotten better at using the touch screen/keyboard of the storm I still prefer the standard keyboard. I discovered that the touch screen on the storm does not respond when you have leather gloves on. I need to use my phone in the cold! I wonder if iPhone users have this same problem.

So for now, I will limp along with the Storm. I love the screen, it has a nice camera. I think that the “click” screen is nicer then a touch only screen (like the one on the iPhone). At CES 2009 Microsoft talked about mobile devices being a focus for them in the coming year (I’ve heard that before). I hope that means more phones, specifically, phones that will work on Verizon’s CDMA network.

In a perfect world – I would like the Treo Pro to work with Verizon. Or the Storm (form factor) with a pull out keyboard and running Windows OS.

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