What Would You Do For $5? – Fiverr

by | Dec 5, 2011 | Fun Stuff

Fiverr LogoHave you ever asked yourself what you would do for $5?  In my internet travels I recently stumbled upon Fiverr.com. The premise of the website is rather simple, what would you pay someone $5 to do for you?  Sing you a song?  Share a website link with 100,000 of their Twitter friends?

How about yelling your company name just before running into a wall?

Yeah, we went for the last option too…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdMlGOpfKxg] 

On the Fiverr website, thousands of people from all over the world are willing to do just about anything for $5.  The ultimate virtual assistant.  Fiverr puts buyers and sellers together in a marketplace where you simply find a “Gig” you want to buy, pay $5 and sit back.  The person (the Fiverr) you bought the Gig from will contact you through the website to let you know if there is additional information needed to complete your request or let you know when it is done.Since I discovered Fiverr, I have used it to:

Although I didn’t care for the logo that we had designed, the result was indeed a high-quality logo.  And hey, it only cost $5!  At that price, we could try 19 other similar logo design offers and certainly find ONE that we liked, for hundreds or thousands less than what someone else might charge.

There are a variety of categories currently on Fiverr that you can choose from:

  • Gifts
  • Graphics
  • Video
  • Social Marketing
  • Travel
  • Writing
  • Advertising
  • Music & Audio
  • Fun & Bizarre
  • Tips & Advice
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Programming

In addition, Fiverr allows you to “Request a Gig” right from their homepage.  Current requests are things like: “Install PLESK on dedicated server” and “Design a ecommerce blogspot template with Paypal checkout.”  Personally I think $5 may be a bit on the shy side for those two items, but that’s the beauty of Fiverr – you never know who’s going to answer the call to make $5.

So next time you need someone to do something for you – like have a sock puppet sing your company jingle, give Fiverr a try.