Where Is Your IT Company Hiding?

by | Mar 14, 2011 | Company News, IT Consulting

In the 7 years I’ve been selling our services, I can tell you the number one reason why companies switch to Acroment is because their current IT provider doesn’t call them back.  The first operational rule for any service business: be available to your customers.  If you’re going to provide a service in the first place why WOULDN’T you want to make yourself available?

We do not hide from our clients.  Ever.  We don’t hide behind email, voice mail or a contact form on our website.  I don’t have to look at our financials to know that we spend $2,500-3,000 per month on communication tools so that we are accessible to our clients.  All of our engineers have email enabled smart-phones. Our office phones, forward to our mobile phones. All voice mail messages are forwarded to our email. Why do we utilize this technology?  Quite simply so that our clients can reach us any day any time.  Even when employees are out of the office or on vacation, have the people in place to pick up the slack.

I was meeting with a prospective client last week who contacted us through our website. She said that while she looked at several of our competitors website’s –  she only contacted the ones who listed a physical address and local phone number.

In the coming months “ look for us to hammer home two important metrics that we measure our success by: Response Time and Resolution Time. We are going to make those two very important numbers completely transparent to all of our clients and prospects so that they can understand exactly what we mean by superior service.  This is just one of the changes that we are implementing based on our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.

We are very proud of the service level we provide to our clients.  We strive to ensure that we are much more than a “vendor” but more importantly a “partner” for our clients.  We invite you to give us a call to discuss either the service that we’re already providing or something new.  We’ll pick up when you call!