Add Chat to any webpage with Google Talk: Chatback

by | Jan 28, 2009 | Fun Stuff, Practical Tips, Useful Tools

Looking for an easy way to connect with readers on your website? I was – then I found Google Talk: Chatback.

Do you have a blog, online profile, or some other personal web page? Would you like to communicate more with your visitors? Today we’re launching a new Google Talk feature that lets visitors to your web site chat with you. We call it “chatback” because instead of you doing all the talking on your blog, your visitors can talk back to you. Sure, they could leave comments, but those are public and hard to use for a real conversation. With chatback, it’s a real instant message session.

To use chatback, you must have a Google Talk account … but your visitors don’t have to! They don’t even need to have an email address, or to have ever used instant messaging.

This solution works for me because I am the only person at my company that a website visitor would need to chat with. This may not work if you have a “team” of people who you want your visitors to connect with.

Of course, being a free tool, bells and whistles are eliminated – such as gathering (even the most basic)information about the chatter. But its benefit lies within its simplicity.

If you want to try this out for yourself – visit my personal website and start a chat with me!